Caren Perlmutter

“The OTL artists are often inspiration for staff, interns, and volunteers, while getting good  work done. It’s more than painting, it’s crocheting, making cards, and necklaces, too. The magazines and computer are always being used for inspirations. Sometimes it’s a social experience like going for a walk or playing music.  Free-form is also a framework, and it encourages staff, volunteers, and interns. There’s no wrong way to do art as long as you clean up.

We also work on big projects with papier mache, paint, and fabrics, and display these projects outside the studio in neighborhood galleries to show that a developmental delay shouldn’t be a barrier for showing off talent and innovation.

When I was younger, I had to work for a living.  Art was a hobby. 

I had graduated from textile design and did crafts. While I was working a sedentary security job, I started doing my own graphics to pass the time. I branched out into collages from my own graphics, and colored them onto posters.

Later I got emotionally sick, stressed out, and turned to art to heal. Since I had a disability, I volunteered to keep busy.  One thing led to another and I found OTL through Malden Access TV. I signed up and had an exhibit there with OTL, and I still come in to work on community arts projects, as well as work on some of my own paintings.”


Work by Caren