Dew Jarenvai

Dewe-Gomade-Jarenvai-Dew Jarenvai was born in Yonkers, New York in 1977 and currently lives in Brockton, MA. Dew received an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts at Massassoit Community College in Brockton. Dew started making art in grade school, and after taking a drawing and painting class in high school, he decided he wanted a career in art.

Dew joined VSA Massachusetts in 2011 and began the Artist training Program at Gateway Arts in Fall 2012. Now Dew is taking painting classes at Outside the Lines Studio in Medford. His artwork has been exhibited at the Open Door Gallery in Boston, MA, the Gateway Gallery in Brookline, MA, the Watertown Public Library in Watertown, MA, and the Allston Public Library in Allston, MA.


Work by Dew