Kenny Dearborn

KennywKenneth Dearborn, a Boston native and resident of Jamaica Plain, has unique talents as an artist. His work shows his sense of humor and imagination, as well as his striking sense of color and line.

Dearborn paints self portraits, images of famous rock musicians, television characters, and animals that sometimes incorporate his own inventive narratives.

In recent months, he has emerged as a still life artist. Dearborn rigorously investigates the objects themselves and reconstructs them in a way that asks the viewer to reinterpret familiar objects. His use of line and pattern is elegant and refreshing.

Dearborn exhibits his work at shows such as Bizarre Bazaar, Somerville Open Studios, West Medford Open Studios, Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge, and at It’s a Gift, an OutsiderArtGallery in Somerville, MA.

Work by Kenny