Martin Jerauld

MartinwMartin Jerauld is a fascinating and highly imaginative artist. He imbues each piece with his rich, highly developed, and provocative iconography, culled from art history, cinema, and graphic novels. Jerauld is particularly interested in time travel, classical legends and dramas, human relationships with animals, mystical symbols, ethics, and magic.

Mysterious women figure prominently in the midst of his rich imagery. In assessing his work, he inquires, “How does she look?” Jerauld is an artist who celebrates the female form within the context of a multifaceted visual narrative.

He has exhibited his work at Bizarre Bazaar, Somerville Open Studios, West Medford Open Studios, Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge, and at It’s a Gift, an Outsider Art Gallery in Somerville. MA.

Work by Martin