Michelle Gilbert

michelle-gilbert-profile-208Michelle Gilbert is a talented and driven self-taught artist. She works in a variety of media, and her work ranges from colorful drawings to sculptural fabric pieces. Gilbert consistently creates a vision that is all her own.

“If art dealers like it, they like it, if they don’t, they don’t; but if you ask me, my art is pretty good,” she says.

Gilbert’s art is often narrative and playful, depicting her lively sense of humor. Her aesthetic sense is very much based on balance of bright colors within clearly defined shapes, not unlike Matisse’s search for harmony in design. Gilbert works independently and with great purpose and creativity to create both recognizable images and those from her imagination. Illustrations of her stories such as Disgusting Gods and Forever November in Turkey City have been met with great success from both collectors and the public.

Gilbert’s devotion to her art is clear to all her viewers, never is a corner of paper or canvas left blank. Her self-identification as a professional artist is a motivating and encouraging force in her life and in her art.

Work by Michelle