Naomi Roxanne Brown

naomi-brown-profile-480I have been volunteering at OTL for almost a year. I love it as much if not more than my regular job. I love getting to know the different personalities here. There are always new projects underway that will go out into the community and it’s awesome to be surrounded by so much creativity!

I have always had an artistic nature and a natural eye for beauty. I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard where I have witnessed many brilliant sunsets. The colors are forever fresh in my mind.

I enjoy a wide range of art from simple sketches to complex oil paintings to refinishing furniture to making inspiring collage pieces. I also enjoy landscape design and working in my garden, framing, and photography. I see art every day and I try to surround myself in it in its pure beauty. Recently, I have been working on recapturing those sunsets that took my breath away and with some of them I try to change the color pattern and land as if its another planet we have not discovered.

When I am immersed in my art I am so highly focused that hours go by and I have no idea until my tummy rumbles.

People have told me that my paintings make them feel hopeful because of the vivid color combinations. I love that! It’s my favorite compliment of all time and it makes me feel fresh and inspired beyond painting.


Work by Naomi