Michelle exchanging with AliceOutside the Lines Studio supports the resident artists’ development in a relaxed yet stimulating environment that nurtures creativity and individual expression. Each artist is encouraged and supported to develop their individual messages and styles.

The studio’s commitment to each artist’s personal freedom and the celebration of their individuality sets Outside the Lines apart from other programs.  Resident artists have the opportunity to show and sell their work in our gallery, our retail location at Out of the Blue Too Gallery, and in the greater Boston community.

Resident artists are considered professional artists

OTL Studio participates in community arts programs each year, such as ArtBeat, Circle in the Square, and Handmade Holiday Markets.


Programs we offer


Vocational training

OTL offers vocational training in the areas of food prep, product creation, and customer service skills. Participants are able to select and develop preferred work activities within our studio and Medford office. We are always interested in developing partnerships that allow our artists to develop additional skills working in their local community.


Fitness and movement

We offer dance and movement programs twice a week onsite and off, in conjunction with the Dance Complex in Central Square and our own dance movement therapist. These programs teach fitness, build self confidence, and provide another expressive outlet to the people that we serve. We also offer a weekly yoga class onsite.

Additional recreational activities include bicycling, basketball, and frisbee.


Health and wellness

We offer the Healthy Meals Program, which helps participants develop pre-vocational skills as they cooperate to produce healthy, well balanced meals, available to them at no cost. Non-participants can sign up for the meal plan or purchase meals for $1-$2.

About 70% of the food is produce donated to us.


The Mystic Arts Program

The Mystic Arts Program is ideal for individuals with special needs who are highly independent and are seeking to build their artistic skills in a communal, welcoming studio environment. Participants can sign up for affordable classes, use the studio, and volunteer.

To learn more about how to get involved with this program, please contact us.

Community Arts Workshops

We welcome the community to engage in our collaborative projects that we prepare for ArtBeat and other local events. We often hold community workshops that are open to the general public.

To learn more about how to get involved with this program, please contact us.


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