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Outside the Lines Studio is an arts-based alternative day program, collectively run by artists, for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities.  Our mission is to provide a creative, supportive community, where each individual can explore their own unique potential in a way that best suits their interests, talents, and learning styles.  In addition to expressive therapy, job-training, and community integration, we provide opportunities for our individuals to gain recognition and income as artists.

60% of proceeds from art sales go directly to the individual artist.

We work with individuals with a range of disabilities, and provide support according to each person’s skills and interests.  Many of our individuals have challenging behavioral and/ or health issues that have hindered success in traditional day programs, yet have easily found their niche in our laid back, communal environment. Our alternative approach focuses foremost on our studio as a dynamic community in which each member has unique value.   From creating sculptures out of shredded documents, to serving tea to co-workers, to participating in a yard clean-up, to just simply being good company, there is opportunity for everyone here.




Community Inclusion

Our artists are encouraged to explore their community by taking trips to local museums, farms and parks, attending concerts, shopping for supplies, and weekly yoga classes.  We also provide opportunity for 1:1 outings per request, and a variety of daily group activities, including art, gardening, music, and movement.



Individuals who participate in the art component are considered professional artists, and have the opportunity to show and sell their work in our gallery and in the local community.  They are supported by a team of trained artists that strive to integrate our studio into the larger art community.  We encourage the involvement of local artists and patrons.

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Vocational Training

Many of the individuals who attend OTL choose to participate in our vocational component.  They are offered training in a variety of jobs ranging from typing and filing at our central office to working offsite on crews, to helping perform routine maintenance and grounds keeping tasks in and around greater Boston.  These individuals receive a competitive hourly wage for their services in a regular bi-weekly paycheck.

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