Outside The Lines Studio participants are considered professional artists. They are given the opportunity to show and sell their work in our gallery and in the local community. They are supported by a team of trained artists that strive to integrate our studio into the larger art community.

Artist Spotlight

Nick Morse

Nick is an abstract expressionist painter who works in saturated colors exploring the relationship between each in a methodical and lively fashion. His work displays the motion of his hand and body creating a vivid and intuitive color field.


Featured Artists

Alice Mikaelian

Alice’s artwork is often based on holidays, weather and animals. She has a wonderful sense of color and uses it to explore and convey her emotions and depth of feeling.


Martin Jerauld

Martin imbues each piece with his rich, highly developed, and provocative iconography, culled from art history, cinema, and graphic novels.



Michelle Gilbert

She works in a variety of media, and her work ranges from colorful drawings to sculptural fabric pieces. Gilbert consistently creates a vision that is all her own.


George Russo

George paints landscapes from his memory and imagination. He studied Bob Ross episodes on public television and developed his skills at our studio.


Caren Perlmutter

The OTL artists are often inspiration for staff, interns, and volunteers, while getting good work done. It’s more than painting, it’s crocheting, making cards, and necklaces, too.


CJ takes a systematic, highly focused approach to the production of his artwork, and he loves being immersed in the creative process.


Dew Jarenvai

Dew started making art in grade school, and after taking a drawing and painting class in high school, he decided he wanted a career in art.


Gary Marshall

Gary offers clear detail in what he recalls of his early life, and shows much love and sensitivity to his family and family pets.


Naomi Roxanne Brown

Naomi Roxanne Brown

I have been volunteering at OTL for almost a year. I love it as much if not more than my regular job.


Susan Delaney

Susan Delaney is a social and caring person, and her personality is reflected in her artwork.



Jim Waters

I come to OTL to hang out with certain people- the ones I get good vibes from- to do art, that’s the big thing.

By Kenny

Kenny Dearborn

Dearborn paints self portraits, images of famous rock musicians, television characters, and animals that sometimes incorporate his own inventive narratives.


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